Simplified collaboration with your customers from the aerospace industry

The close and intensive cooperation within the aerospace industry across several levels of the supply chain requires extremely efficient consultation and communication processes. This is only possible with end-to-end electronic processing across companies.

This is exactly what SupplyOn AirSupply offers: the solution renders your supply chain management processes transparent throughout the entire product cycle. Thanks to BoostAeroSpace, a joint initiative set up by Europe’s leading aerospace companies, you can use AirSupply to work together with multiple customers. This means that you have access to process-relevant information from different business partners in a standard format via one central platform.

How AirSupply works

SupplyOn AirSupply takes a structured approach to information exchange – from planning and coordinating material requirements in advance and collaborating on orders right through to delivery and payment. Status reports make the individual process steps transparent and support exception-based working. An attractive user interface that can be adapted to suit any user requirements makes day-to-day tasks a whole lot easier.

Your connection options

  • WebEDI: A WebEDI connection requires a PC, a browser and Internet access in order to exchange information with your business partners. Data can be easily downloaded for further internal processing.
  • M2M: An M2M (machine-to-machine) integration provides interfaces for your internal systems. Format descriptions for the respective business processes are exchanged and converted into formats that can be read by your internal systems.

The benefits for you

  • You enhance planning reliability by planning and agreeing on material requirements in advance; processes shared with customers are more transparent and traceable through online collaboration.
  • You speed up your communication processes and reduce administrative overhead.
  • You work together with several business partners via one central platform and receive process-relevant data in a standard format.

What is BoostAeroSpace?

The development of AirSupply is rooted in an initiative to standardize processes and data formats within the European aerospace industry. To this end, Airbus, Dassault Aviation, EADS, Safran and Thales founded the company BoostAeroSpace. The aim of this joint venture is, among other things, to communicate with suppliers across several levels via one central aerospace SCM platform in the future.