The solution for successful collaboration in the European rail industry

As a specialist in cross-company collaboration, SupplyOn addresses the specific needs of the rail industry with its RailSupply solution. RailSupply forms the basis for standardized supply chain processes. The solution makes the daily working relationship between customers and suppliers more transparent and allows collaborative processes to take place across all levels of the industry – from rail operators and system houses to suppliers at various levels. Drawing from proven industrial processes, the solution enables order, supply and billing processes to be reproduced electronically. It also makes it possible to continuously improve supplier and supply quality. Our vision is a collaborative supply chain network for the European rail industry. The mission of the RailSupply initiative is implement stable, efficient supply chains.
  • One community: a solution for the European rail industry that connects rail operators, system houses and suppliers
  • One standard: a uniform framework for collaboration and standardized formats for exchanging data
  • One platform: a centralized supply chain platform, process collaboration over the Internet, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Your benefits from RailSupply

  • Electronic processes in the collaboration between you and your suppliers enable automation and an exception-based approach to work. In this way, you reduce your process costs.
  • Early warning and alarm functions for everyone involved in the supply chain ensure transparency in the supply situation. This allows you to reduce your safety stock.
  • All in all, you improve your supply security and thus the reliability of your deliveries to customers, too.

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RailSupply Brochure