Smart Procurement: Purchasing made easy

Do you want to drastically reduce your purchasing process costs? If so, we’re here to support you. With SupplyOn, you can easily and effectively make conventional catalog purchases with all relevant upstream and downstream processes. The multi-supplier catalog solution with convenient search functions, intuitive operation and complete integration into any ERP system optimizes your business processes. This enables all demands for indirect or direct materials, services or configurable products to be centrally controlled and tracked. Free text requisitions can be raised just as easily using the system.

SupplyOn can further facilitate your daily work by enabling every user in your company – even those from non-purchasing areas – to independently initiate and execute purchasing processes. The system-guided process thereby ensures that all of your procurement specifications and compliance requirements are met.

With the procurement solution from SupplyOn, you will optimize and streamline your purchasing processes costs thanks to end-to-end electronic procurement.

How you benefit from Smart Procurement via SupplyOn

  • Channel Management: All internal sources at a glance to ensure compliance with defined purchasing channels
  • Smart Procurement + Shopping Cart: Cost-optimizations through intelligent proposals for the requestor and suggestion of alternative scenarios
  • Smart Procurement: Intelligent workflow management
  • Integration of various marketplaces
  • Guided shopping experience
  • Fully integrated process from request-to-order for significant reduction of process costs

How we support you