A solid basis with a shared platform

Our platform is the backbone of our business-to-business network: it offers unlimited possibilities for networking with business partners – whether suppliers, customers, service providers or freight forwarders. The SupplyOn platform represents a successful B2B network that is scalable, reliable and solid – and already connects some 140,000 companies in over 100 countries.

The SupplyOn platform essentially consists of two parts: the platform consists on the one hand of a highly secure, high availability computer center with state-of-the-art security to guarantee smooth, fault-free operation, yet on the other hand of numerous basic software components that allow a company to network with its business partners very quickly. These include the SupplyOn Rollout Cockpit, which uses defined workflows to quickly register companies and show the connection status of suppliers at any time, as well as user and master data management, access rights control and various reporting functionalities.

This combination of a high availability computer center and proven basic software components means that we can offer our customers maximum flexibility. The platform can be used not only to handle established SupplyOn processes, but also to develop and implement new solutions for innovative processes.

With the SupplyOn platform, collaboration processes from numerous companies can be handled simultaneously and on the same technological basis. You can thereby use standard processes at manageable costs and rollout innovative processes in your company quickly.

We invest a great deal to make sure our platform and your data are protected. The platform offers a security level that companies would find very difficult to achieve using their own individual solution.