Collaboration Beyond Borders



Discover more about who we are, what we do, what our culture is and who we’re looking for. If you are ready for a new opportunity and wish to join our team, we are eager to find out more about you. 

Who we are

Our company may be modest in size, but we work with some 140,000 companies spanning the entire globe. SupplyOn’s industry specific processes are the benchmark in the automotive, aerospace, railway and engineering industries. This accomplishment is only possible due to the inspiring and enthusiastic effort of each and every SupplyOn individual.

What we do

It’s our firm conviction that the ability to collaborate is a crucial factor for every company’s success – and gaining relevance day to day as we envision a digital future. We deliver the technology and processes to enable leading-edge collaboration. Across systems, companies, countries and cultural boundaries. We call that: collaboration beyond borders.

What our culture is


We have one focus - finding out what is keeping our customers from the success they are striving for and offering a solution.


As a lean medium-sized enterprise, we have short decision processes while still aspiring to great opportunities for development.


We know our customers intimately, work on their core processes to personally accompany them on their way to success.


Discover the benefits of working with us

We believe in creating a dynamic culture that allows our employees to feel at home, enjoy equal opportunities and advance with us. This is why we offer a wide range of support initiatives in order to enable each individual – and to cultivate an inspiring team spirit.

Enhance your skills

We take great pride in fostering and supporting you in your professional and personal development based on individual personnel advancement measures.

Your health is our goal

We support your personal medical preparedness with health activities, vaccinations, information events and occupational health services.

You have our insurance

Alongside our company pension provisions we also offer casualty insurance as well as insurance for occupational disability.

Our stability is your stability

SupplyOn's unique shareholder and customer base structure makes us a stable and reliable employer.